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2022 / 07 / 18

Thick feeder - the correct way to operate

Nowadays, thick material machine equipment is widely used in different sewing industries, and the advantage of industrial sewing machines is that they can be tailored to different materials and different thicknesses of sewing materials. If we need to sew thick material, use the thick material machine. The thick material machine solves the problem of failure of ordinary sewing machines when targeting difficult-to-make sewing materials.
2022 / 07 / 18

Heavy material double needle sewing machine - daily maintenance problems

When we use a heavy-duty double-needle sewing machine, we should also pay attention to the maintenance of the machine, especially some parts of the machine. We need to keep it clean at all times so that the machine can run normally. Today we will talk about how to maintain the two parts that are prone to problems, the feed dog and the hook.
2022 / 07 / 18

Single sewing machine - how to solve the problem of skipping stitches?

How to quickly and accurately solve the problem of jumping stitches on single sewing machines? No matter what kind of sewing machine is used, there will be no problem of jumping stitches, so when facing the problem of needle jumping on a single sewing machine, how to solve it quickly and accurately? Don't worry, the following editor will teach you right away.
2022 / 07 / 18

Advantages and Features of Pattern Sewing Machine

The advantage of the pattern sewing machine is that it is suitable for the production and processing factories of handbags and bags, clothing denim, shoe and hat factories, electronic leather cases, household items, tents, and outdoor protective products. The machine is suitable for export and has high output, uniform needle size, adjustable flower shape size, simple operation and good quilting thickness.
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